Pick a New Team Already

Pick a New Team Already


Every Cleveland Browns fan have been asked this question at some point. We’ve been asked by friends, family and hell we’ve asked ourselves at some point.  Why do we keep coming back? For us the answer is simple. Being from Ohio we don’t expect monumental achievements to come easy.  A large majority of Ohioans are chasing monumental achievements in our own lives so we tend to understand the concept of resilience. In life we get knocked down and when we fight hard only to come out on the losing end what are we supposed to do, Give up? Negative. Giving up isn’t a part of our makeup here in Ohio so when it comes to our home team why would you expect anything less than a die-hard attitude?  Lots of fans like to throw the word die-hard around while things are going well for their franchise but based on the fact that they ask Browns fans why we come back lets me know they don’t truly understand the meaning.

NFL franchises could only dream of a fan base as loyal as Browns fans. We continually pack out First Energy stadium to support our team. Let’s not mistake this as blind support solely due to hometown affiliation, we want to win! We want to win badly and every lead that slips away, every botched draft, every asinine decision by players, coaching staff and the front office increases our alcohol consumption. So the local bars may owe the Browns organization a big thank you for the extra revenue we generate with our NFL Sunday sorrow.  Anyhow, even though things still don't look very promising we know our time is coming, so see ya next week, Go Browns!

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