About Us

We scream, we yell, we jump up in defense of our native lands at the drop of a hat. The Buckeye State has always had a way of molding it’s citizens into hardworking sensible and unapologetically proud individuals.

Ask any native Ohioan at home or abroad where they’re from and they’re bound to shout Ohio with pride! One of my favorite expressions of my hometown pride is a good quality T-Shirt that says it all.

I began this venture to reach out and connect to those who can relate and share my enthusiasm for good quality Tees and more importantly to represent silent solidarity amongst fellow Ohioans. In a world where we manage to find more reasons to divide than unify I realized a gesture as simple as a T-shirt that represents a common hometown bond can be a small yet powerful tool in providing relate-ability and common ground amongst everyday people.

Born and Bred in the great state of Ohio, I understand that the bond shared amongst fellow natives and otherwise model citizens can sometimes get lost in the noise of everyday life. Sometimes a small reminder such as a good hometown T-Shirt can help restore the feeling.